Greenfly Aphids


Greenfly on rose
Greenfly ” Aphids “

Aphids, are the sap-sucking insects, commonly known as Greenfly and Blackfly, they are also Pink, Brown and Yellow colour, the fluffy white woolly bugs also aphids. These insects multiplies quickly. They weaken the plants by sucking the sap and transmit plant viruses which disfigure the shape of plants with their honey dew deposits. If they are not got rid of immediately, it will not be easy to control  and they will rapidly increase in numbers and take over all the plants in garden and distort the growth of plants. Theses insects are active in Spring to late summer on garden plants, and all year round indoor plants. There are many various species of Aphids, most common types of aphids such as Greenfly and Blackfly and the fluffy white woolly aphids feed on foliage, stems and flower buds. They occur on newly shoot stems, flower buds and leaves. Some species also suck sap from roots.

They can effect all the plants, including roses, ornamentals, fruits, vegetables indoor plants and the plants in greenhouse.

How to get rid of Aphids?



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