How to get rid of Greenfly Aphids

How to get rid of Aphids

Plant Bugs like Aphids also commonly known as Greenfly and Blackfly is not  hard to get rid of or control if they are spotted in the very beginning when they started appearing on your plants. But if you delay, they will so quickly multiply and spread to all plants in your garden, then they will become difficult to get rid of them and to control them. They always attack on new shooting leaves and buds.

Aphids on rose
Aphids ” Greenfly ” on Rose new shoot leaves

There ae various pesticides to kill these bugs but I found them not very effective and also some of them are harmful to the plants as well as human’s health.

I always use water jet to wash them down which is more effective and does not cause any harm  to the plants. You need to carry on this process

washing down aphids
Washing Aphids down with water jet

for about 10 days. After you washed them down inspect your plants regularly to check if any more aphids appear on your plants. If you find more, wash them again. This process will gradually reduce the amount of these aphids, then eventually your plants will be clean from these creatures.


Black spot fungus on rose
Black Spot Fungus ” Diplocarpon rosae on Rose Leaf

Please note: If you notice the Black Spots on any leaf then cut that leaf first before wash down Aphids, because those Black Spots are Plant Disease which is called Diplocarpon rosae. It is a fungus and quickly spread. If it gets wet, will infect to other leaves. Then you will have another cumbersome problem to resolve.







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